Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Xiao Tian World Famous Hacker

"Xiao Tian"

Google's recently expressed readiness to withdraw from China and close all their operations there. The reason, the search engine giant that was no resistance to the wave of hacker attacks launched by the bamboo curtain is the country of origin.

David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer of Google says, the institute found that there is' a very sophisticated attack "that originated from China on Google's infrastructure.

"The attacks made us decide to review the feasibility of our business operations in China," said Drummond is Google's official blog, January 12, 2010.

Google's step back from China who chose to show fierce hacker community in the country.

Until July 2008, an estimated 4 thousands people there are hackers who are members of various hacker community. One of them is a special group of hackers calling themselves women Cn Girl Security Team.

Hacker group is led by a girl born in Hunan, 6 September 1989 named Xiao Tian.

In mind, we might imagine that a hacker is a typical teenager growing up, with modest appearance - if not exactly a bad way - with thick glasses, heavy smoker, unkempt hair unkempt and rarely shower for spending most of his life in front of the computer .

Apparently not the case with Xiao Tian. Although she mentions often stay up and occasionally smoked, but it looks very slick. At a glance, see the appearance, you may be surprised that she was a leader of a group of hackers whose members reached more than 2,200 women hackers.

Xiao Tian said, she made the group because she felt that there should be no place for teenage girls like she, who felt left out from the crowded world of hackers hackers hackers man who thinks that women do not have enough skill.

Slowly but surely, Xiao Tian and hacker group started through the dominance of men in the world of hacking. They target the celebrity status that carried by hackers in China as well as open opportunities 'career' which is available tempting for hackers who have a high reputation.

Although members of the club hacker Xiao Tian still relatively small compared with the population of hackers in China, but the 'organization' hackernya may be one of the biggest female group of hackers in China.

Scott Henderson, a retired U.S. soldier who is an observer and author of The Dark Visitor: Inside the World of Chinese Hackers never mentioned in the Indian DNA. "Unique Aspects of China's hackers is a sense of nationalism and collectivism. This contrasts with the western stereotype that hackers are generally independent and work individually in the basement of their residence, "he said.

However, lately, the trend is happening is 'cyber army' is fragmented and forming a criminal capitalists and start to leave their sense of nationalism.

Still, Henderson says, a time when there is a conflict involving China, the hacker would have to mobilize their group and engage in cyber war. And when the time comes, 'generals' Xiao Tian will probably be one of the leaders of China's army.

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